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Van Cleef Necklaces

In July, Van Cleef collaborated with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris for a special exhibition showcasing the “journey of precious stones.” This collection was designed to show the intersection of art and science– and place an emphasis on gemology. 

Far from just showing off beautiful styles, the Van Cleef pendants and accessories showed off the beauty of crafting gemstones into works of art. The idea of the exhibit was not merely to show Van Cleef’s artisan work, but also to show how integral the connection between science and art is. 

This stunning showcase wowed with gold and gemstone pieces– but most importantly, in its scope. In many ways, Van Cleef is proving it’s not only still relevant in 2022 but it renewed interest in how high jewelry is made. 

Of course, you don’t have to be in Paris to enjoy Van Cleef’s workmanship. In this guide, I’ll tell you what you need to know about Van Cleef necklaces and provide some of my favorite picks for 2022. 

Why Is Van Cleef So Popular?

Van Cleef is elegant and timeless. Their designs are crafted with classic nature motifs that never go out of style. They add to their collections year after year to keep things interesting and make a splash, but they stick to understated elegance instead of going directly after trends. Another reason is that many celebrities, royalty, and well-known figures in power have worn Van Cleef. This includes Princess Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. 

What Does The Van Cleef Clover Represent?

Van Cleef & Arpels

Perhaps nothing is more iconic from Van Cleef than the Van Cleef clover. In fact, the clover is a good part of why they remain popular– and an example of how the luxury brand has captured an elegant and timeless look. 

The clover, which is now one of the most popular motifs from Van Cleef, was introduced in 1968. It symbolizes exactly what you might imagine: fortune and good luck. The classic four-leaf clover design is also associated with success in love and good health. 

Why Is Van Cleef So Expensive?

When you’re buying a luxury brand that’s as popular as Van Cleef, expect to pay more than your average jewelry brand. You’re paying for the iconic name, how desirable it is, and the fact that it’s been worn, in part, by public figures. But that isn’t the only reason.

As understated and elegant as Van Cleef pieces are, they also tend to include intricate details. These details set them apart from competitors and add classic touches. 

Is It Worth Buying Van Cleef Necklaces?


I never recommend buying any necklaces you can’t afford. But even if Van Cleef is in your budget, are their necklaces worth buying? Already, the timeless designs, intricate details, and sheer elegance are great reasons to buy. But I also wanted to take a look at the materials used, style variations, and how well Van Cleef jewelry holds its value. 

3 Flower Frivole Mini Pendant

3 Flower Frivole Mini Pendant

This pendant makes for a stunning, modern, and elegant statement necklace. Three flowers are crafted in yellow gold, with 3 accent round diamonds (0.16 carats). The polished gold and diamonds in a three motif pattern exude shine in the sunlight and can be worn for both casual and formal outfits. Priced at around $4,800; View Here

Perlee Diamonds Pendant

Perlee Diamonds Pendant

Longing for jewels? This $6,950 Van Cleef pendant is one of the more affordable diamond-forward options. 19 accent round diamonds (0.35 carats) accent the pendant. Contemporary ribbon designs are meant to highlight the brilliance of the diamond, along with beads accenting the perimeter. View Here.  (Also available in white gold). 

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